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The Electronic ATV ‘SpeedSafe’ (Speed Limiter) unit is specifically designed for these vehicles, with selections depending on speedometer fitment, and allows FULL POWER up to the limiting speed.

UTV SpeedSafe Speed Limiters are an after-market accessory designed for use with a variety of ATV, UTV and Side by Side vehicles.

Specifically developed to reduce the risk of accidents produced by excessive speed, this product allows owners / supervisors to restrict the maximum speed of the vehicle, without reducing power or performance.

The result:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced on-going maintenance costs
  • Promotes best practice Health and Safety standards
  • Decreases liability

Please read the UTV SpeedSafe Product Information Brochure for more detailed information prior to purchasing this item.

SpeedSafe installation instructions, specific manuals and supporting documents can be found here.


There are 2 ways that the base speed can be set

  1. When ordering we can have it programmed with the base speed that you choose.
  2. You can order it with a set up switch and set/change it manually. (note if the battery is disconnected it will reset).

The optional setup switch is available, only one switch is required for a fleet of vehicles. Please let us know if you need one ordered at checkout.

These can be ordered as either ‘Tamper Resistant’ or ‘Standard’ configuration. Tamper proof means if it is unplugged or bypassed the bike will not operate.

Please read the SPEEDSAFE BROCHURE for details.


Important information:

We have fitted MC Cruise speed limiters to a range of motorcycles over a number of years.

They are easy to install, however we do recommend getting them fitted by a professional.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding them.

We order these as we need them, they generally take around 7-10 days to arrive to us once ordered.

Price does not include fitting, if you would like it fitted as well, please get in touch with our team here and we can arrange it.

Please enquire for other brands or models.

Please enquire if you are unsure of the model of your ATV/SXS.

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