Genuine Honda CRF MX sump plug Washer/Orings

NZD $3.52$13.55


Genuine Honda Sump plug washers and O’rings to suit Honda CRF MX bikes.

There are three type of washers and O’rings that the CRF MX range takes, so make sure to choose the right one.

If you are stuck, flick us a message with the Year and Model of your bike and we will confirm what you need.

Note: CRF150R/RB and earlier CRF250/450R & X models had separate Transmission cavities, some of these require an additional washer as listed in the table below.

Model Year Start Year End Sump Transmission
CRF150R/RB 2007 Current 90474333000 90474333000
CRF250R 2004 2017 90474333000 90474333000
CRF250R/RX 2018 Current 90544KF0000
CRF250X 2004 2019 90474333000 90474333000
CRF450R 2002 2016 90474333000 90474333000
CRF450R&RX 2017 Current 91356425005
CRF450X 2005 2017 90474333000 90474333000
CRF450X 2019 Current 91356425005



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