Genuine Honda Lawn Mower Service Kits

NZD $36.95$59.95


Genuine Honda Lawn Mower service kits

Contains: 🔴Spark Plug 🔴Engine Oil 🔴Air filter

Available to suit most mowers select from 3 kits depending on your mower:

Lawnmower Service kit 1: 🔴HRU196 🔴HRU196D 🔴HRU216 🔴HRU216D 🔴HUT216

Lawnmower Service kit 2: 🔴HRU196D1 🔴HRU19R 🔴HRU19R1 🔴HRU197 🔴HRU197D 🔴HRU217D

Lawnmower Service kit 3: 🔴HRU19M2 🔴HRX217 K4-K6 🔴HRR216 K9-K11 🔴HRN216


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