Tyre Air Plugger Kit

NZD $18.99


A compact, corrosion resistant, anodized-aluminium case holding the ARI Airplugger tubeless-tire repair tool.

The ARI Airplugger is used like many tyre-plug kits – with an auger-like tool to clear debris from the puncture hole in the tyre and another to insert the tyre-plug strip into the motorcycle tyre. Part of the plug is left inside the tyre and some excess is left outside, then trimmed leaving about a quarter-inch of the strip outside the tyre.

On the ARI Airplugger, every part is much more sturdy and well-designed than on other kits. The two pieces of the case screw together to become a large, easy-to-grip T-handle with a knurled surface for the puncture-hole cleaning bit or the plug-insertion needle. The precisely shaped parts lock the bits into the handle so you can comfortably use all the force you need to clear the puncture and install the plug strip.

  • Auger-type puncture-hole cleaning bit
  • Plug-insertion needle
  • 5x plug strips
  • Case transforms into a secure, comfortable T-handle grip
  • Super compact for easy transporting under your seat/in your bag
  • Does not come with CO2 cartridges

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